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Livre QuickQuote is the fastest way to get a car insurance quote.Have you used before? Then the QuickQuote service can get our best insurance quotes direct to you in moments, with no need to fill in any forms!
All you need is a car’s registration. Just type in the number plate, and in seconds you’ll get back the cheapest quote can find to insure the vehicle.
Not used before? No problem. Come to our site and fill in your details. It’ll take about five to ten minutes… But then you can use the QuickQuote service in future to get quotes for any car in seconds.
Your QuickQuote will be saved in your account, so you can review all your quotes and choose the best policy for you.
Simply enter your email address, and the registration of the car you want to insure, and we'll get our best insurance quotes back to you in minutes.
Terms and conditions apply. See T&Cs for full details.